I’m an U.S. army veteran suffering from a rare condition called Exfoliative Chelitis. After returning from Iraq & recovering from sickness my lips began to peel constantly. Plaque Psorisis followed. The only thing that kept it under control was Aquaphor, albeit I don’t like toxic products like these near my mouth. This was my life, thousands of dollars & many dermatologists later, to no avail. I had to keep my lips coated in aquaphor.

That all changed after I found your product. I do have to apply it a few times daily but it actually heals my lips (meaning it stops the peeling) & is completely natural. Please don’t stop making your lip therapy product. & please thank your CEO & especially all the hard working people at LaVigne for me. Without your product, my life would be much different.

On another note, I’m a flight attendant now & always refer my colleagues to your products (so many suffer from dry, chapped lips in my profession to begin with). You all are amazing people. From the bottom of my heart.


Mayan Magic & Exfoliative Chelitis – Christopher

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