I just had to take a moment to write you with my testimonial.
I had severe Dermatitis reaction on my feet and legs and thought I’d have to go to get steroids or cortisone as nothing would stop the itch, the pain, and the erupting scars that were devastating to look at. 

 In desperation I went to a local health food store, tried a tester of the Affirm on my neck that had now broken out in hives and within a few minutes, the itching and burning settled down! 

I was so shocked, I went back a few days later and bought two bottles! I applied it daily to my feet and after one week, I have the photos to show it is working. The [before] photo was on Oct 16. The next photo is Oct 22. 

This is a Godsend product. Thank you just doesn’t seem adequate. I will send another set of photos at the three week mark. God bless you for developing this product. I am a life-long ambassador for LaVigne!

Andrea – Ottawa, Ontario.

Affirm Body Lotion: “Godsend Product” for Dermatitis Sufferer

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