Affirm Body Lotion: “Godsend Product” for Dermatitis Sufferer

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I just had to take a moment to write you with my testimonial.
I had severe Dermatitis reaction on my feet and legs and thought I’d have to go to get steroids or cortisone as nothing would stop the itch, the pain, and the erupting scars that were devastating to look at. 

 In desperation I went to a local health food store, tried a tester of the Affirm on my neck that had now broken out in hives and within a few minutes, the itching and burning settled down! 

I was so shocked, I went back a few days later and bought two bottles! I applied it daily to my feet and after one week, I have the photos to show it is working. The [before] photo was on Oct 16. The next photo is Oct 22. 

This is a Godsend product. Thank you just doesn’t seem adequate. I will send another set of photos at the three week mark. God bless you for developing this product. I am a life-long ambassador for LaVigne!

Andrea – Ottawa, Ontario.

Mayan Magic & Exfoliative Chelitis – Christopher

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I’m an U.S. army veteran suffering from a rare condition called Exfoliative Chelitis. After returning from Iraq & recovering from sickness my lips began to peel constantly. Plaque Psorisis followed. The only thing that kept it under control was Aquaphor, albeit I don’t like toxic products like these near my mouth. This was my life, thousands of dollars & many dermatologists later, to no avail. I had to keep my lips coated in aquaphor.

That all changed after I found your product. I do have to apply it a few times daily but it actually heals my lips (meaning it stops the peeling) & is completely natural. Please don’t stop making your lip therapy product. & please thank your CEO & especially all the hard working people at LaVigne for me. Without your product, my life would be much different.

On another note, I’m a flight attendant now & always refer my colleagues to your products (so many suffer from dry, chapped lips in my profession to begin with). You all are amazing people. From the bottom of my heart.


Mayan Magic & Phimosis – Gordon

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To Whom It May Concern,
For the last 3 years I have been using Mayan Magic healing balm to combat my genital Psoriasis. I used to scream in pain before I discovered the Mayan Magic balm. This product was a miracle for keeping my disease at bay.

I actually developed a condition called Phimosis. I was going to require surgery (circumcision) in order to reduce the damage caused by my Psoriasis. I could have three separate people contact you, including my doctor, who would confirm that your product reversed the condition and prevented me from needing the life changing operation.

Your entire company deserves a major pat on the back! I am in your debt. I am sorry to be graphic but that is my reality.

Anyways. My skin is feeling great again which has been a long time coming 🙂

Your product is worth a million dollars!


Scalp Therapy & Psoriasis – Elaine R.

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I received my Scalp Therapy spray this week, I have had the worst and longest outbreak of Psoriasis for four years now. I was desperate, I spent over a thousand dollars on prescriptions that never worked, I tried tea tree oil, apple cider vinegar, and many other products. I started using your product on Tuesday and I would say 2/3 of my plaque is gone, my scalp is no longer constantly itchy, I am no longer scratching till I bleed. Thank you, not only have I found something that works I am supporting a Canadian Companay. Also I purchased your Mayan magic balm, which I can use as well, face cream has been another issue there too I have spent a lot on skincare, no burning or irritation. Just wanted you to know you have made me one happy customer.

Mayan Magic & Nurse with Eczema – Elle

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“This cream absorbs very quickly and beautifully (not at all greasy) and works miracles on my hands. I’m a nurse with eczema so I’ve tried many lotions, creams and oils over the years. Since this stuff is expensive so I try and use it only at night layered with some argan oil while wearing moisture gloves, but also whenever I’m having a skin emergency. The results seem almost instant and makes my hands go from red, irritated, and flaky to soft and presentable. It really is magic.”

Illuminating Facial Polish

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I had never heard of this brand but I was in Whistler, BC a month ago and had to make a trip into the Vitamin store to pick up something. When I was in there I came across this little bottle. The description caught my eye but I wasn’t crazy about the price. My skin had been looking dull lately thought, so I thought I’d splurge and give it a try.

Well, call me crazy but I think this product actually works! After I use it, my skin is brighter and smoother looking. It only lasts a couple of days thought and then it looks dull again. So I pull out this bottle and it does it again. It brightens up my skin for a couple more days. Crazy stuff!

I decided to come on to their website to see what else they have because I think they know their stuff. I have used tons of exfoliants over the years, but I believe that there is something unique in this product that does instantly brighten and smooth the skin. I recommend this for sure.

Shared with us from an anonymous Lavigne Fan.

Fantastic Skincare Line!

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“For a few years I was using a skin care line from Europe and I was happy with it until I tried the Lavigne line. I couldn’t believe it… like my skin just transformed itself from good to fantastic. I wasn’t looking as tired anymore, I looked younger and brighter. Fantastic skin care line.”

Shared with us from an anonymous Lavigne fan.

DMAE Firming Cream – Gary R.

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“My wife and I like the products – I mean a lot. I was having issues with skin damage due to poor management of my skin when I was younger. I had reddish patches on my forehead . My physician referred me to a Dermatologist about 19 months ago. I started to use the Efudex cream prescrubed for me and it worked very well (cleared up my skin), but I dislike pharmaceutical products and avoid them if I can. I went off it after a short period but the red patches returned to some degree although not as bad. Then your DMAE Firming Cream was referred to me and quite honestly it works great – as a matter of fact I think every bit as good as the prescription!”

Muscle Magic – Joy

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Thank you! Loving your products so much… Time to stock up again! The muscle rub really works to soothe sore muscles (helps person with MS a great deal actually… fantastic!).

We will continue to recommend your products to everyone and want you to know that we are delighted to have found this brand… Heaven sent!

Mayan Magic – Shane Jenson

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” I have a patch of psoriasis on my leg 3×4.5 inches and in three days there is no more dry scaly skin, just soft skin is left. I want to thank you so much. Anyone with psoriasis knows how uncomfortable it is and how hard it is to get any satisfaction from the symptoms of itchy dry scaly skin but in three days I can’t believe what this cream has done for me” -Shane Jensen, Penticton BC