Say Hello to our New Retailers of June 2019

Lavigne Natural Skincare is proud to work with hundreds of professional natural retailers across North American and beyond to provide you with local options to shop exceptional skincare. Below are the newest members of the Lavigne Natural Skincare retailer family!



Noah’s Natural Foods Carlton St

Noah’s Natural Foods is a Canadian-owned health food store with a lot of history!
We have been providing reliable products and trustworthy service to our customers for over 38 years.

We believe all customers should have access to high-quality supplement, grocery, and cosmetic items
and we go out of our way to ensure that the products we carry reach this requirement. You can trust
our knowledgeable group of staff members to do your research for you!

We also believe all top-quality products deserve a chance and make an effort to work with LOCAL Canadian
suppliers and small brands. See a product you think is interesting? Let our staff know!


Noah’s Natural Foods King St


Noah’s Natural Foods Yonge St

Herbally Grounded 902 Opening Soon

Herbally Grounded is a family-owned business established in 2004. We offer over 50 locally made formulas, over 300 bulk herbs, Thousands of products; We offer classes monthly. Ask us! we have a staff that can lead you in the right direction to a healthier more vital YOU.

After years of working through other companies to sell their precious herb formulas, Angela and her husband Curt, crafted their own organization of talents to manufacture, sell and distribute the finest, freshest herbs and natural products available. People ask us why our formulas work so well. In part, it is because of the unique combinations created by Master Herbalist Angela Harris and her practice to use only high quality herbs with no added fillers. In addition, to preserve the enzymes, oils and nutrients in the ingredients, we use low speed, no heat encapsulation and infusion processes, and the difference in the powerful effectiveness of Angela’s formulas is notable.


Community Natural Food Store

Community Natural Food Store carries Natural Foods which are hard to distinctly define, but they try to avoid chemical preservatives as much as possible, often using substitutes such as citric acid instead. They are not processed as hard as many food items and more basic ingredients. They also sell Organic Foods. Fruits, Vegetables, Grains, Milk, and other natural products are grown and processed using no added chemicals or preservatives of any kind. A requirement for the organic label is that the plant must not be GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms). GMO are plants whose genetic structure has been modified. While this can be a tremendous benefit to the producer, the long-term health implications have yet to be determined. We do know that GMO crops, when planted for use the following seasons, will not germinate very well, which means there’s no life there. Does that matter? We still don’t know for sure. Our bodies can absorb misuse for a long time, but eventually it catches up.


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