We are so excited to announce that the Scalp Therapy has been selected as the winner for Best Scalp Treatment in the Healing Lifestyles 9th Annual Earth Day Beauty Awards! Healing Lifestyles’ Safe Beauty & Body team tirelessly puckered and blotted, slathered and lathered, cleansed and rinsed and – most importantly – ingredient-checked for ‘no-nasties’ until they came up with their picks for the haute monde of clean, green beauty in 2018.




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Fifth Avenue: Fashion & Beauty 2017 Favorites

The Vitamin C Serum by Lavigne Natural Skincare was featured in New York Magazine’s Fifth Avenue: Fashion & Beauty 2017 Favorites!

Some of the richest sources of Vitamin C are found in plums, citrus fruits, berries, cherries and tea leaves. Present in these natural sources, Vitamin C is found linked with water soluble proteins or polypeptides and bioflavonoids. Our Vitamin C Serum contains a form of Vitamin C that has been stabilized with Citrus Polypeptides as it is found in nature, which allows our serum to retain most of its potency. Vitamin C offers an array of skin conditioning benefits which aid in the maintenance, clarity and resilience of all skin types.

Lavigne Natural Skincare’s Mayan Magic Balm Announced as a top performing Body Care in 2017 Clean Beauty Awards


(Sep. 20, 2017) – Lavigne Natural Skincare’s Mayan Magic Balm has been named 2nd Place Winner in the Body Care Category in the 3rd annual Clean Beauty Awards. The Awards were initiated by CertClean, North America’s leading certification for safer skincare to acknowledge and reward superior beauty and personal care products formulated without the use of harmful chemicals by trailblazers in the clean beauty market.

To determine the winners, CertClean team called on clean beauty brands and manufacturers to nominate and enter their best-selling products for consideration. More than 230 products were submitted and judged by 90 beauty specialists and 14 products were named as top performing winners in their respective categories.

About CertClean

CertClean is North America´s leading certification for skincare with more than 1,400 products certified. CertClean mission is to help make buying beauty products easier and healthier, enabling customers to identify beauty and personal care products formulated without ingredients that can cause harm to human health.

About Clean Beauty Awards

The Clean Beauty Awards is the leading awards honouring excellence on “free from” beauty and personal care products within the following 14 categories. Established in 2015, the Clean Beauty Awards received 240 entries from Canada, US, Australia and throughout Europe.


For more exclusive content on these winners visit cleanbeautyawards.com


The 2017 Clean Beauty Awards winners are:



First Place: Lip Gloss – MarieNatie

Second Place: Lip Gloss – Pure Anada

Third Place: Winterberry – Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques



First Place: Vegocentric – Lippy Girl Makeup

Second Place: Lipstick Carnation – Pure Anada

Third Place: Luxe Lipstick – MarieNatie


First Place: Age Defying Four-in-One Face Cream – Good Karma Skincare

Second Place: Ora -Zorah biocosmétiques

Third Place: Eye Defense – Kimberly Parry Organics


First Place: Mascara – Volume and Care – Zorah biocosmétiques

Second Place: Mascara – Length and Care – Zorah biocosmétiques

Third Place: Lash Strengthening Mascara – Onyx – Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques


First Place: Liquid Black Eyeliner – Zorah biocosmétiques  

Second Place: Liquid Eyeliner Ebony – Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques

Third Place: All Natural Eyeliner – MarieNatie



First Place: Pressed Eye Color Mirage – Pure Anada

Second Place: Renaissance – Gia Minerals

Third Place: Pi Pressed – Lippy Girl Makeup



First Place: Cacao Vanilla Lip Butter – Mukti Organics

Second Place: Lip Moisturizer – Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques

Third Place: Grapefruit and Ginger Lip Balm – Fabula Nebulae



First Place: The Curator – routine inc.

Second Place: Botanical Therapeutic Liquid Crystal Deodorant – Carina Organics

Third Place: Odour Care, Déodorant Menthe & coco – La Prétentieuse


First Place: Rose Vanilla Sorbet Body Scrub Premium – Thesis

Second Place: Turmeric & Lime Salt Body Scrub – Kaelen Harwell

Third Place: Exfoliating Body Scrub – Elabloom



First Place: Volumize – Chorus Supernatural

Second Place: Clean Dry Shampoo – Mabrook & Co.

Third Place: Botanical Shampoo – Moor Spa



First Place: Sweet Pea Leave In Conditioner – Carina Organics

Second Place: Hair Revitalizer Lemongrass – JustBirch

Third Place: Hydrating hair mask – My Mane Care



First Place: Body Butter – Pure Bath & Body

Second Place: Healing Balm | Mayan Magic – Lavigne Natural Skincare

Third Place: Tension Balm – Moor Spa



First Place: Better Skin Co.’s Mirakle Cream – The Better Skin Co.

Second Place: Purifying Orange Basil Toner – Kaelen Harwell

Third Place: Rosewater Skin Toner – Okanagan Lavender & Herb Farm


First Place: Salicylic Cleanser – Moor Spa

Second Place: Pumpkin Peel – Moor Spa

Third Place: Purifying Mineral Mud Masque Relaxing Vanilla Lavender – Alaska Glacial Mud Co.

Top 9 Celebrity & Eco-Friendly Faves

Mayan Magic Healing Balm


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