• Is Lavigne’s product cruelty free?
  • LaVigne Natural Skincare products are vegan, not tested on animals and not made with any animal-derived ingredients.

  • Can I pay with debit?
  • If you have a double-badged card (card has Visa or MasterCard and Debit on it), it will be accepted by our payment processor.

    If you do not have a card as described above, and are looking to debit directly from your bank account, you can do so by selecting PayPal from our checkout page and logging into your account.

  • How Can I Track My Order?
  • All packages are shipped via Canada Post.
    1. Locate the 4-digit order number, without the “#” character.
    2. To track your order, click this link to search Canada Post by your reference (order) number.
    3. In the “reference number” section, enter your 4-digit order number.
    4. You will see a date range, ensure the beginning date is at least the date when you placed your order.
    5. Click “Track” button. You will be prompted to enter your postal/zip code.
    6. Enter postal/zip code and click “Continue”.
    7. Status of your package should be shown.

    *Note: US or International packages using “Surface” shipping will take 4-6 weeks. US or International Packages using “Air” shipping will take 5-8 business days, depending on location proximity to Vancouver, Canada.

  • What does LaVigne charge for shipping? Are there any additional fees, handling charges?
  • We do not charge any additional, handling, or hidden fees. For shipping, we charge only approximately what the shipper charges us (Canada Post). Our orders are shipped from Vancouver, Canada.

    As an example, orders shipped to addresses:

    Within Vancouver, usually $7-8.
    Within BC, usually $8-9.
    In other Canadian Provinces, $10-$12.
    In USA, $7-$10.
    Internationally $15-$30.

    These prices are approximate and vary by weight. The more product ordered, the heavier the parcel, the higher the cost. However, we do not add any extra profit.

  • Which of your products would I use after surgery to help heal my skin?
  • For post-surgery recovery, hands-down, Mayan Magic would be the top choice for treatment. Two customers have written in with great success stories about using Mayan Magic for recovery.


    One, using it after breast surgery, had itchy incisions that drove her crazy, with her bra rubbing the area while she tried to work each day. She took the Mayan Magic with her everywhere and applied it up to 5 times per day. It completely soothed the incisions, and helped them heal a lot more quickly and less visibly.

    The second woman, after using Mayan Magic for 3 months following her surgery, said that when she returned for a checkup to her surgeon, he asked her what she\’d been using, as her incisions looked great and were disappearing.

  • What is the difference between your two moisturizers, the DMAE one and the Plump & Firm one?
  • The DMAE Firming Cream is a lighter texture, offering great hydration, without being too heavy on the skin. It is suitable to all ages and skin types.
    For those of you looking for that little something extra, the Plump & Firm contains GABA to help relax the facial muscles where wrinkles and lines are present, helping to reduce the appearance of those wrinkles and lines. In addition, the Palmitoyl Tri-peptides and Hyaluronic Acid are reported to stimulate and build collagen growth. This product has been more attractive with mature-skin customers who are more concerned with anti-aging.

  • Do you send out samples of your products?
  • You can purchase our “Product Samples” packet for just $5.00 and customize the packet to include just the samples you would like to try!

    Visit the Product Samples page to customize your packet now! http://www.lavignenaturals.com/product/samples/

    *Note: Product Samples are not available for the spray products, such as Clear Magic, Scalp Therapy, nor the Lip Therapy.

  • A friend sent me to your website, saying you have a skin care product she used for radiation burns resulting from her Cancer treatments. Can you tell me which product this might have been?
  • We have received positive feedback from Cancer sufferers who have treated radiation burns or scars with our Mayan Magic balm. You can apply the Mayan Magic to the affected area as often as keeps you comfortable. Tepezcohuite, the key healing ingredient in Mayan Magic, is anti-bacterial, a skin cell regenerator and a natural analgesic. So, the skin will be protected, encouraged to grow back healthier and that burning sensation will be soothed very quickly.

  • Which of your products would you recommend for acne sufferers?
  • Botanical Cleanser – cleanse each evening to remove any bacteria and free radicals your skin has picked up during the day.
    Clear Magic Facial Spray – follow cleansing with Clear Magic to close pores and protect the skin. You may also mist the Clear Magic onto the face any time of the day to refresh the skin and protect it from bacteria. Very useful for after a workout or busy lifestyles.
    DMAE Firming Cream – the lighter of our two moisturizers. Can be used morning and evening.
    Mayan Magic healing balm – spot-treat blemishes with a dab of Mayan Magic. Many LaVigne fans have reported acne blemishes disappearing OVERNIGHT. Use as often as needed.

  • Are your products safe for use on sensitive skin? I can barely use anything on my skin!
  • Yes, our products have been a life-saving solution to many users who have struggled for years to find a skin care line they can use without their skin reacting. Many of the products have no scent, and for ones that do have a scent – it is only a very light scent, produced by an active ingredient. An example of this is the chamomile in the Botanical Cleanser. Chamomile has skin-soothing, rejuvenating and relaxing properties.