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Winter is Coming. For those of you living in cold-weather regions, you understand the effects of dreaded winter skin: dry, cracked, painful skin that not even layer-upon-layer of moisturizer can fix.... more
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Retailer Spotlight LBears Natural Foods and Supplements Sharing your journey to optimum health...  Shop bulk herbs, quality supplements, specialty groceries, spices and more!  You can find... more
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New Retailer Qi Natural Foods New retailer alert! You can now find Lavigne Natural Skincare at Qi Natural Foods in Toronto, Ontario! Thank you for giving Lavigne Fans a local place to shop, Qi... more
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The Science of Beauty Sleep Why getting enough sleep is one of the easiest and most effective things you can do to improve your appearance! Are you getting enough? Let us know in the comments... more
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3 Simple Ways to Save Your Babys Irritated Skin Looking for a natural solution to your baby's sensitive, irritated skin? Try these 3 simple ways to save your baby's skin and leave it nourished,... more
Muscle, Joint, Pain, Exercise
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Ever wondered why your joints and muscles tend to ache more than usual during colder seasons of the year? The reason why these symptoms tend to worsen in the cold weather is due to a change in... more
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Picture Perfect: Choose one good photo of a Halloween makeup look that you like and use it to reference your look! Cleanse: Halloween makeup tends to be quite heavy and can slip off your... more
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8 Clever Tips for Achieving the Perfect No Makeup Look Tired of wearing makeup everyday? Looking to speed up your morning beauty routine? 8 Clever Tips for Achieving the Perfect NO-Makeup... more
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New Retailer Origins Pharmacy New Retailer Origins Pharmacy in Milton, Ontario, featuring LaVigne Natural Skincare’s best sellers! This more than just a pharmacy, one-stop-shop for health... more
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6 Easy Ways to Get Glowing Radiant Skin This Fall: Drink Hot Water: Prevent premature aging and boost skin’s elasticity by drinking hot water throughout the day. The hot water intake flushes... more