We often find ourselves looking to improve our current beauty regimes with a new natural skin care product in mind. You take a peek inside your beauty cabinet and see that you have a cleanser, daily moisturizer and possibly an eye cream, thinking what else do I really need in order to improve my skin’s current appearance? The Answer: a Clay Face Mask.

Adding a clay face mask to your current skin care regime is so easy. This highly effective addition to your beauty routine will leave you wondering why you didn’t try it sooner! Natural clay face masks can be used in the shower, as a spot treatment on problem areas when needed, or just once a week for a full-face mask treatment. Once you get in the habit of using a natural clay face mask, you will notice a ton of amazing differences in the appearance of your skin! The improvement in skin’s appearance from mask use tends to advance even further in it’s benefits with regular, consistent use over time. Now, with all that being said, you must be wondering… How do face masks work? What do face masks do for your skin? Here is a professionally curated list of the TOP amazing things that a clay face mask can do for your skin:

4 Amazing Benefits to Using a Clay Facial Mask!

  1. Acne: Stubborn acne, including cystic hormonal acne and stubborn black heads, do not stand a chance against a quality facial mask! Facial masks work by extracting dirt, oil and deep-rooted clogged pores to the surface, which can seem a bit terrifying, but is absolutely essential to keeping your skin clear. Pro Tip: Use a quality, natural, mask no more than once a week, to avoid stripping skin’s natural oils and protective barriers.For extra acne fighting power, try LaVigne’s Clear Magic Facial Spray: Tone, purifying and balance skin with this conditioning mist which contains pure, Himalayan Salt crystals. Himalayan Salt is known to contain up to 84 powerful, skin nourishing minerals. Clear Magic Facial Spray is boosted with 10% Tepezcohuite, a super healing, skin tree extract from Mexico, which is great for calming and healing acne marks and scars.

  2. Oily Skin: If you find that you struggle with oily looking skin and would love to replace that grease with a healthy glow, it’s time to grab a clay face mask! Clay naturally draws out the excess build up of oil sitting in your pores. Once the build up of oil is under control, you will begin to notice a more balanced, healthy glow to your complexion.Pro Tip: Try Lavigne’s Le Masque: Detoxify & Nourish: A truly amazing, natural face mask, infused with skin healing plant based ingredients such as French Green Clay which is known for it’s naturally occurring blend of skin-nourishing minerals which include: manganese, silica, copper, phosphorous, magnesium, zinc, calcium and many more. Le Masque detoxifies and re-mineralizes the skin at the same time, without over-drying or irritating the skin! Amazing!

  3. Rough Skin: Fight dull, uneven, flaky skin with the power of natural clay in your face mask! Clay masks work by targeting and fighting off dead skin cells, encouraging the skin cell renewal and regeneration process.Pro Tip: For extra smooth, soft, glowing skin, try LaVigne’s Illuminating Facial Polish: Invigorate and radiate dull-looking skin with the centuries old beauty secrets found in our mildly exfoliating rice powder and naturally occurring papain enzyme polish. LaVigne’s 90% USDA Organic formula is infused with gently exfoliating, natural powders from: Licorice Root, Rasberry Seeds, Blueberry Seeds, Tepezcohuite, Ginkgo Leaf and more! Suitable for all skin types, even very sensitive skin who cannot tolerate AHA’s, retinols or traditional scrubs.

  4. Firmness: Clay masks naturally exfoliate the skin, which increases circulation, promoting skin cell regeneration. Every time you exfoliate your skin, you are removing dead skin cells and encouraging healthy, skin cell renewal which visibly improves skin’s firmness and youthful vitality!Pro Tip: For extra skin firming benefits, try LaVigne’s Plump and Firm Cream: A powerful Peptide Cream which boosts the skin’s natural regenerative potential in the areas you need it most, the face and neck. This powerful, peptide enhanced formula offers a nourishing cream which delivers three natural, plant based oils that harmoniously balance the skin. Mildly exfoliating Glycolic Acid encourages cellular renewal, while Hyaluronic Acid helps to regulate hydration levels and minimize the appearance of fine lines.

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