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    $25 – $100 Gift Card

    Shopping for someone who prefers the gift of choice? Cutting it a little too close this year? No worries — give the gift of... more $25.00$100.00
  • Affirm_2

    Affirm Body Lotion

    Experience a truly amazing natural body lotion bursting with rich Shea and Mango butters, Omega 3 and 6 cold pressed Olive Oil... more $10.50$22.00
  • Candle

    Aromatherapy Grapefruit & Vanilla Candle

    Enjoy this aromatherapy and soy based Grapefruit Vanilla Candle anytime you need an instant Zen inspiring moment. Offered in... more $8.50
  • Baby_Magic

    Baby Magic Balm

    Keep dryness away from your precious little ones with our exceptionally versatile, multi-purpose, non-irritating, petroleum-free... more $19.50
  • Cleanser_2

    Botanical Cleanser

    Refresh and cleanse daily with this ultra-mild foaming gel-wash that is 100% natural source yet very effective in removing dirt,... more $21.00$36.00
  • Special! Cleanser_Polish

    Botanical Cleanser & Illuminating Facial Polish

    A perfect combination! Botanical Cleanser is gentle, yet effective deep-cleansing concentrate with Tepezcohuite. Soothe and... more $56.00 $45.00
  • Clear_Magic_2

    Clear Magic Mist

    Tone, purifying and balance with our skin conditioning mist which contains pure, Himalayan Salt crystals which have been created... more $19.00$28.00
  • Special! Daily_Essentials

    Daily Essentials Package

    The Daily Essentials Package includes three of our favourite products that are a must-have for any daily skincare routine. In the... more $79.00 $60.00
  • DMAE

    DMAE Advanced Firming Cream

    Revitalize and awaken skin radiance with this plant-source light-weight moisturizer which contains DMAE a naturally-occurring... more $45.00
  • Special! Fresh_Glow

    Fresh Glow Package

    Soothe, nourish and even skin tone with The Fresh Glow Package! This package includes three products that are a must-have if you... more $90.00 $70.00
  • Facial_Polish

    Illuminating Facial Polish

    Invigorate dull-looking skin with the centuries old beauty secret found in our mildly exfoliating rice powder and naturally... more $36.00
  • DSC_0218

    Intention Necklace

    Live With Intention Set your intention as you fasten your necklace. Wear it as a reminder of the intention that you have... more $17.00
  • DSC_1682

    Le Masque ~ Detoxify & Nourish

    Le Masque is a powerful all-in-one treatment for those who experience congested pores, dull-looking skin or need a clarifying... more $29.00
  • Lip_Therapy

    Lip Therapy

    Pamper and nourish with our lip friendly version of our top-selling Mayan Magic balm. Infused with a 20% Tepezcohuite Extract,... more $9.50
  • Mayan_3

    Mayan Magic Balm

    Mayan civilization thrived for six centuries during which time they understood the value of balance in good health.  Through... more $19.00$69.00
  • Muscle_2

    Muscle Magic

    A rich, emollient blend of plant extracts in a Shea Butter base. This natural balm is designed to help with aches and pains, and... more $19.00$29.00
  • Intensive_Eye

    New Formula! New Price! Intensive Eye Créme

    Revitalize and nourish the delicate eye zone with natural eye créme with Vitamin C, Teprenone and Peptides that helps to soften... more $45.00
  • Pet_Magic

    Pet Magic Balm

    All natural Pet Balm. When paws and furry spots need a little TLC, our Pet Magic balm offers an exceptional benefits yet... more $19.00
  • Plump_Firm

    Plump & Firm Tri-Active Peptide Cream

    Nature comes to the rescue with Plump and Firm! If results are what you’re looking for then you will absolutely love our... more $45.00
  • Samples

    Product Sampler 5-Pack

    Are you looking to try out samples of LaVigne Natural Skincare products before you buy? We understand wanting to try out a... more $5.00
  • Scalp_3

    Scalp Therapy

    Condition and uplift your hair and scalp with our Argan, Keratin and Tepescohuite infused elixir that can be used as both a... more $8.00$45.00
  • Tepezco_BB

    Tepezco-BB Luminescence Crème

    Discover the secret to radiant skin with our Tepescohuite infused Beauty Balm that brings together the best of worlds, a long... more $34.00
  • Vitamin_C

    Vitamin C Serum

    Some of the richest sources of Vitamin C are found in plums, citrus fruits, berries, cherries and tea leaves. Present in these... more $50.00
  • Special! Winter_Renewal

    Winter Renewal Package

    Give your beauty regime a boost with this skin care combo at an amazing price! Botanical Cleanser Illuminating Facial... more $155.00 $110.00