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Muscle Magic

Relieve muscle fatigue and yourself to younger-looking skin with Muscle Magic’s unique organic formula. Get the most out of your workouts by reducing the discomfort of overexertion… more

Natural beauty products
The best organic beauty companies

Natural beauty products get your skin glowing and healthy the organic way! ELLE Canada picks the top organic beauty and natural beauty products more

Live green, have fun and give great gifts
Take it from the Mayans

By now most of us are clued into the fact that trying to stop the signs of aging by going under the knife can backfire on you big time!…Start looking to Mother Earth for anti-aging solutions more

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Treat Skin Conditions Organically

Treat skin conditions organically with Mayan Magic, featuring the amazing anti-aging properties of Tepezcohuite more

Vancouver Beauty Reporter – Sarah Bancroft
Universe Goes Gaga for All Things Sustainable

Universe Goes Gaga for All Things Sustainable

LaVigne Organic Skincare looks to Mexico where it cultivates Tepezcohuite from a “skin tree” just as the Mayans did

Great Looking Skin Skin at Any Age
11 Tips

Oz Garcia redesigns looking good in middle age and offers up these 11 tips to get great looking skin.

Oz Garcia’s Redesigning 50: The No-Plastic Surgery Guide to 21st Century Age Defianceholds the secrets to turning back the hands of time and regaining the youthful vitality of your younger years. A key aspect to his no surgery cure rests in how people treat their skin , the body’s largest organ, with proper nutrition, exercise, sleep, and stress reduction. In this excerpt, Oz Garcia consults with skin-care expert Gordon Chiu to define 11 easy ways to extend the beauty and life of your skin in middle age. more